Affordable Dentures In Buena Park, CA

Affordable Dentures In Buena Park, CA

Dentures, Buena Park, California

Missing teeth can cause problems for your dental health and happiness. Not only can they put a dent in your self-confidence, but they also lead to speech issues, eating problems, sore gums, crooked smiles, and more. The more teeth that have been extracted, the worse these problems become. That’s why finding the right replacement quickly is so important! At Gold Coast Dental Buena Park, our comfortable, affordable dentures restore your smile to its former glory, whether you’re missing only a few or all of your teeth.

Our dentists understand the importance of a beautiful smile you can be proud of. Today’s dentures are better than ever before. Personalized to you, they slip right into your mouth with a tight but comfortable fit that keeps them solidly in place—no denture adhesive necessary. You can finally speak and eat with confidence again. Our dentures are also made of high-quality materials designed to give back your old smile’s original healthy look, from your pearly white teeth down to the pink of the gums. We want you to love your smile just like you used to!

Tired of hiding your smile due to gaps and missing teeth? Call our Buena Park office at (714) 278-4975 to schedule an appointment with our denture team today.

Permanent Dentures: The Denture With Implants

Implant-supported dentures combine the unique advantages of both dentures and implants for your best smile!

For extra stability and improved long-term dental health, there’s also implant-supported dentures. Also known as “permanent dentures,” these dentures don’t rely solely on the natural shape of your jaw or your remaining teeth for support. Instead, they connect to one or more dental implants placed along the tooth gap. Permanent dentures can be adapted for both complete and partial dentures,

so they’re just as flexible to your unique smile. Implants help your denture stay more secure and keep your jaw stronger and healthier over time. Missing teeth gradually weaken the jaw. Without your tooth’s root embedded in it, the bone slowly starts shrinking (“resorbing”). Resorption causes the socket to deepen and nearby teeth to shift out of alignment. However, dental implants recreate the original tooth’s root, preventing this bone loss and keeping

the jaw more robust and intact. As the jaw’s shape and your existing bite stay the same, your dentures can remain just as form-fitting after years as they were on day 1. Permanent dentures can stay in great shape for decades longer than traditional removable dentures. Can’t wait to see your new smile? We understand! Reach out to (714) 278-4975 to book an appointment with our Buena Park team today.

The Benefits of Restoring Missing Teeth

By filling the gaps in your smile, dentures offer several amazing benefits that improve your quality of life!

More Attractive Smile

More Attractive Smile

Of course, your smile looks so much better with a full set of pearly whites. Being able to smile without shame can help boost your confidence and self-esteem. Studies show that people who smile more often have improved moods, lower stress levels, and build better and stronger relationships.

Healthier Smile

Healthier Smile

After teeth are removed, the underlying jaw bone that had supported them starts to shrink. Replacement teeth keep nearby teeth from drifting towards the gap and falling out of alignment. They also help prevent future tooth decay and extractions.

Speech Recovered

Speech Recovered

Front teeth in particular play a major role in our ability to speak clearly and pronounce certain sounds. Dentures can help prevent speech problems like lisps and slurred words.

Improved Eating

Improved Eating

Teeth are essential for eating. Front teeth bite into and cut foods into small pieces while back ones help with chewing. Missing teeth make it difficult to eat foods properly, with many people compensating by swallowing larger bites. However, bigger bites are harder to digest. Plus, the gums are sensitive, and eating directly on them can make them irritated or even infected.

Removable Dentures

Dentures are highly flexible to the specific demands of your smile…

The most common type of denture is removable dentures. There are two main types of dentures: complete and partial. Complete dentures are what most people think of as dentures, replacing an entire arch of missing teeth with a single appliance. Without any teeth to hold them in place, they use the natural shape of your jaw and gum to keep them steady. Today’s dentures aren’t like what they used to be either. They’re form-fitting, customized to match your precise jaw and gum shape for better comfort and security. They’re also designed to look just like natural teeth, so you can fully enjoy your old smile again. If you are only missing some teeth, you’ll

need a partial denture instead. Partial dentures can replace any number of missing teeth less than a full arch as long as you have enough strong teeth left to act as support. Unlike a dental bridge, partials don’t need your teeth to be lined up side-by-side but can instead restore any combination of teeth. The acrylic base rests behind your remaining teeth and uses them and your jaw’s shape to help your new teeth stay comfortably in place without denture glue or adhesive. Wire clasps may be added for extra security. Ready to enjoy your smile again with our incredible denture options? Call (714) 278-4975 to book an appointment with a denture dentist.

A New Smile You Love

At Gold Coast Dental, you can finally say goodbye to your incomplete smile!

It's not fun to deal with missing teeth, but our expert denture dentists help you restore them with a high-quality denture! Our office uses top materials and dental technologies along with our team’s attention to detail to ensure your new teeth look and feel great for years to come. And if you need denture repair or relining, we’re more than happy to help! We want you to get the most out of your smile.

  • What do dentures cost?

    A patient's dentures cost varies depending on several factors, including the number of teeth missing, the type of denture, and whether immediate dentures are required. In some cases, supplementary treatments may be required, like same-day tooth extraction or dental bone grafting, which can also affect your treatment’s price. While many dental insurance plans cover part of the cost, our dental office also offers alternative financing options to ensure your treatment is always affordable.

  • What's the difference between immediate dentures and permanent dentures?

    Immediate dentures are prepared weeks before your teeth removal appointment, making it possible to walk out with a new smile that same day. These dentures are only temporary and are meant to last the 6 to 8 weeks needed for your smile to stabilize post-extraction. Permanent dentures instead secure themselves to dental implants, which allows them to last a decade or more longer than traditional dentures.

  • Can you sleep in dentures?

    During the first 24 hours, you should sleep with your denture in. However, after this initial period, we do not recommend wearing your false teeth at night. Dentures place pressure on your gums and jaw throughout the day, and removing them at night gives your mouth time to rest and recover. Leaving your dentures in while you sleep puts you at a higher risk for gum disease and inflammation, pneumonia, and other illnesses.

  • Do I still need checkups since I don’t have any natural teeth?

    Definitely! Even without natural teeth left, your oral health can still change, especially if you have a removable denture. Tooth extraction gradually causes the jawbone to shrink, changing the shape of your jaw. Checkups allow our dentists to track these changes and ensure your dentures fit well. They also allow us to identify other dental health problems that can appear, from gum inflammation to oral sores and cancer.

  • Do dentures fall out when eating?

    Our dentures are made to fit closely to your gum and jaw’s natural shape, with saliva acting as a seal holding your false teeth in place via suction. Partial dentures may also have clasps that keep a firm grip on your remaining teeth. With a well-made denture, your smile should easily stay in place during meals. However, over time, your jaw’s shape may change, and your denture may require repair or relining to maintain its tight fit.

  • How do I care for my dentures?

    Please brush your dentures at least once a day with a soft-bristled brush to remove food particles and plaque. Soak your denture in water or an approved denture cleaner when you are not wearing them, such as at night while asleep. This keeps it from drying out and allows it to stay in shape. Do not use hot water to soak your denture as this can warp the appliance.



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